For us, motorcycling is not a lifestyle - for us it is your focal point - for more than 30 years.



30 years of motorcycle travel, motorcycle racing, motorcycle, motorcycle, motorcycle - 20 years of instuktor and 20 years of tour guide experience. And with all my heart Endurist.

Detailed route knowledge

The tours are designed down to the smallest detail for you - it should be a real pleasure, a real experience, a real adventure.

Customer ?

You are not our customer, you are our friend.

Fast and reliable

We help you ! Before, on the road, after. Mechanic's blood refuelled .

Tips and tricks for a beautiful enduro trip

over 30 years of experience

We help you get your dream bike. Conversions that make sense. Built with brain, improved - not anything screwed on it. Weight reduction, landing gear optimization, perfect luggage accommodation, ergonomics adjustment, installation Navi/GPS.

Here you will find out everything you need on my tours. Just take that with you, you don't need more. For more fun off the road.